How to Install

The frames come with drywall screws, but there are two more recommended options for mounting the frames on a wall. For any of the installation methods, make sure the foam strip is placed in the bottom slot.


Drywall Screws

Each frame comes with 1 1/4″ drywall screws. To mount the frame, all you’ll need is a screw driver, 2 screws, and a level (recommended).

Use a screwdriver or drill to insert the top screw
Place a level on the top of the frame and screw in the bottom screw

Indoor Mounting Tape

This mounting solution is ideal when you can’t put holes in your wall for whatever reason (cosmetic, cement wall, etc..). There are several different indoor mounting tapes available at your local hardware store. Be sure to consult with the store clerk about the strength of the tape before purchasing.  The use of a level is highly recommended. Note: The images below show the use of entire strips of tape, however, many brands of tape will only require the tape be used on the four corners of the frame.

Add double sided mounting tape strips to top and bottom of backside of frame
Use a level to carefully align the frame, and then press down to glue the frame to the wall

Flathead Nails

If you’re opposed to using the included screws, then flathead nails are also an option.  For best results, the diameter of the flathead part of the nail should be greater than 3/16″ and less than 3/8″.

Place frame and hammer in top flathead nail.
Place level and use a pencil to mark the bottom hole.
Hammer nail into marked position at the bottom hole.

If you have any more questions about the installation process, please contact me.