Frequently Asked Questions


How do you install the frame on a wall?

Our frames come with two screws, which can be be screwed into drywall.  If you can’t put screws into your wall surface, please have a look at our installation guide for more solutions.

Can the record frames fit a double lp?

Yes, these frames were designed to handle double albums.  As well, these frames can also display gatefold album covers.

I live in Europe / Australia, can you ship me some LP frames?

We are now accepting international orders!

Will the frame fit every LP?

I have tested the frame on hundreds of records, and so far, only one record was somewhat loose (a recent European release).  As well, you can check out this blog post which shows over 150 records mounted on a wall without a problem.  So the frame will fit over 99% of LP jackets, but if you find your record doesn’t quite fit you can check out our page on adjusting the fit.

However, this frame is designed for LP jackets – not LP sleeves.  So there are several examples of dance/techno releases which are basically record sleeves without LP jackets.  There could definitely be issues with fitting these releases into the frame.  My apologies for this, but if the frame were to fit these releases, then too much art would be cut off from the standard LP jacket.

Do the vinyl record frames come with a glass cover?

Nope.  These frames are functional. They were designed to give you quick access to the records so the vinyl can do what it’s meant to do – be heard.  There is also the added bonus that you can change which records you are displaying quickly, and without hassle, if you just want to change the look of your display room.

There are other frames out there with glass (or plexi-glass) covers, but they add glare and make the record inaccessible.  If you are only interested in hiding your record behind glass, then this probably isn’t the frame for you.  We may add the option of a plexiglass cover, but for the time being, we are happy that we are the only reasonably priced functional frame in the world.

Can I install the frames on a door?

No, it is not recommended that you install the frames on a door, or other moving surface. The album frames should only be installed on stationary walls. However, we have had customers who have done so in the past (see this blog post).

What is the return policy?

For North American orders:
To return the frames, please ship them back to the address given on the packaging slip, and we will refund the full value of the frames once we receive them (unfortunately, this does not including the cost of the return postage).

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for international orders as they are shipped from Asia. You may, however, resell them through eBay, Gumtree, Kijiji etc.

What are the dimensions of the record frames?

The frames have the following dimensions:

Height: 13 3/8″
Width: 12 1/2″
Depth: 1/2″ 

What are the vinyl record frames made of?

These frames are made of high quality plastic. The unique design includes a foam strip which keeps the record in place.

Are these record frames available for 45s / singles?

Unfortunately, no. We currently only produce frames for 12 inch LP record albums. Down the road, we would like to offer frames for 7 inch singles, but this probably won’t be for a little while.

Where are they made?

For orders shipped within North America, our frames are proudly made in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. For international orders, our frames are made to the same specifications in China.

Who are you?

Hi, my name is Steve.  I am the inventor of Records on Walls, and I do pretty much everything involved in getting these record frames to you at a reasonable price.  Of course, I’ve had some help along the way from some incredibly awesome and talented people.  If you want to learn more, please check out our about us page, or read my blog post on the history of RoW which outlines why I believe in vinyl records as the medium for music.